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Hot Rod

As a deluxe figure, I actually think that Hot Rod offers a lot!


Now it is four years later, and surprisingly a new Stinger toy has been released featuring an all-new mold as part of the Studio Series line.

Mirror Universe Kirk And Spock

Mirror Universe Kirk And Spock

Mego boldly goes where Mego has gone before...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rick and Morty Series 2 figures from Funko!

Albegas (Denjin Dimension)

A new company out of Taiwan called MaxxWork has come screaming out of the gate with not one, but THREE different vinyl jumbos of Albegas, in the three main modes. In this review, we are looking at the most popular mode, Denjin Dimension.

Bucks Team Trooper

Bucks Team Trooper Set

It's not a very big set, but it's got some cool figures and accessories to flesh out the Acid Raid world.


This reiteration of Ratchet has above average articulation, a mostly clean looking robot mode, a pretty fun and intuitive transformation, and some nice details here and there.

K6 Jungle Chapel

K6 Jungle Chapel

Chapel is a great release on its own that gets better when you combine with others in the line.


The proportions are much better than the 2007 version



It's like Mad Max meets Minecraft.

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